Now more than ever, our state and country must rely on foundational beliefs and values.

As your representative, I vow to uphold these core principles for all decisions made on the behalf of the Wyoming people.

Liberty is fundamental to our democracy, as it provides citizens the right to be free and express themselves without fear of oppressive repercussions. We must uphold the Constitution and the Bill of Rights as guides to ensure our liberties and freedoms are protected.

Despite or maybe because of our large land area and low population density, we retain a strong, spirited identity that binds us together. We need to work off the strengths of our identity and community by developing our relationships at the local, state, and national level.  Wyoming has much to give the nation and the world.
The only way to unite our nation and work together for the betterment of all people is to commit to being aware of each other’s perspectives and circumstances. A leader for the 21st century works to understand, recognize, and care for people and their positions. We are an incredibly diverse nation and an increasingly diverse state. No one solution or viewpoint fits all, and we need reflective leadership who can not just “reach across the aisle” but can put themselves in the shoes of people they represent.
We are “The Equality State” and should be a leader in ensuring that all people have the opportunity to determine their best life. We must promote equitable practices in our communities and actively examine inequitable systems in order to dismantle them.

In an age where we are overloaded with information and misinformation, we need leadership that relies on rational thought and deliberation. Emotion can and should guide us, but sound decisions are made by weighing out facts, data, and evidence from multiple sources.

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